Vellux Fleece Blanket Review

Vellux Fleece Blanket Review
March 14, 2015
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Product Details and Reviews
vellux fleece blanket imageVellux fleece blanket is your best choice if you are looking for a solution to stay warm at night. This blanket has been recommended by many people who experience trouble when it comes to sleeping. Staying warm on the cold night is not as simple as others may think. If you have the similar situation, then purchasing this fleece blanket is a must.

Main Features And Benefits Of Vellux Fleece Blanket

100% Polyester: This fleece blanket is made of 100% polyester, this means that you will get maximum comfort when you are sleeping, providing warmth at all times.

Extra Softness And A Refined Look: Unlike other fleece blankets that you can find out there, Vellux Fleece Blanket is made of high quality materials, it is made from premium microfiber yarn, which results in offering extra softness and a refined look. Making this blanket stand out from the crowd.

More Air Pockets For Extra Warm: The blanket has been brushed on both sides as it results in creating more pockets, providing extra warm when needed.

Machine Washable: When it comes to washing the vellux blanket, it is very easy to wash this blanket. As claimed by the manufacturer, this fleece blanket is machine washable, you can wash it and keep it clean without damaging any part of it.

Available In Various Colors: You can choose one available from some interesting colors such as white, dried tomato, hunter green, eclipse, and tobacco brown. Pick one that you like the most.

Customer Reviews

I have purchased this one and I realize that I have made a good decision. Purchasing this blanket is a good choice since it does its work as expected. It is a great quality blanket, it keeps you warm on the cold night like what you want. It feels so soft, thanks to its material, and if you are looking for one that is made of 100% polyester, I want to recommend this one for you. The blanket also comes with a nice design, it comes with a refined look and it is very light. Washing the blanket is easy too, you don’t need to worry about damaging the blanket each time you wash it. Each time you wash this blanket, it looks great after wash. It is also available in some colors such as tobacco brown and white.

Overall, I like the product and most people who have purchased this blanket have given lots of positive feedbacks, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as it has everything that we need from a high quality fleece blanket. If you need one that is comfortable enough and you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money for purchasing a blanket, this one is the solution you can consider. I am pretty sure that your children will love this one too, it feels so soft and using it when you are sleeping will keep you warm. In other words, if you need a fleece blanket that is soft and light as a feather, Vellux Fleece Blanket will definitely become your favorite choice for heated throw blanket.

Where Can I Get The Best Price?

To get these Vellux fleece blanket, you can easily buy it from offline stores in city nearest you. But, if you want to get the best price for this blanket, then buy it online is the right choice. From the various prices offered for this blanket by online stores, is one of the places that offer prices tend to be cheaper than others. In addition, if you buy this blanket from, you also will get a satisfactory customer service, you make a complaint, then they will respond quickly.

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