Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 Review

Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 Review
December 10, 2016
by Admin
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Product Details and Reviews
Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 Microplush Heated ThrowSunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 review. The cold weather at night is really torture and impair of sleep quality. As a result, you wake up in the morning in a state not fresh. But, if you use this Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 blanket, you will easily get cozy and stay warm in the deluxe softness of microplush. Equipped with the Thermofine warming system senses and adjusts, you can get warmth for hours. The controller system comes with three Heat Settings and 3-hour Auto Off. Exclusive wiring system senses and adjusts throughout the throw for the highest peace of mind. Only from Sunbeam Heated Bedding.The Sunbeam brand has offered households or families practical answers for their daily living. Through generations, the brand has introduced innovative products that simplified customers lives and offered a value, like Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 Microplush Heated Throw.The Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw brand strives to provide complete customer satisfaction and trust. With your buy, our warranty extends the assurance of quality, and performance. We really thank you for choosing this Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 Microplush Heated Throw and hope you enjoy many years of warm comfort.Use a Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 in the colder months to keep you warm as you snuggle on the couch or in bed. Instead of running the heat throughout the house when "you think you're" resting, save vigour instead. By transforming your thermostat down another 10-15 degrees for 8-hours, you can save 5 %- 15% a year on your heating bill.

Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 Details

  • Microplush
  • PrimeStyle lighted controller with 3 warming settings and 3 Hour Auto Off function
  • Senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth
  • 100% polyester microplush fabric
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • 6-Foot power cord

Where To Buy Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00

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