Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket

Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket
January 30, 2017
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Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket is made with one purpose, to be the greatest, most comfortable and safest blanket that you'll ever own! This electric blanket starts with super soft micro-fleece textile that is refreshingly smooth next to your skin for the ultimate in luxurious comfort.Created within the blanket is the patented safe and warm low-voltage technology. This Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket includes a small power supply box that changes 120 volt AC home current into non-hazardous low-voltage DC current( very similar to a battery) to give warmness, safety, and protection even if the blanket becomes wet.~~Click Here To Order Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket~~

Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket Review

Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket

Dissimilar to other electric blankets with their thick bulky wires, the wires in the Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket are so thin and small; they are virtually unnoticeable. During building we place the thin wires 3-Inch apart and evenly distribute them from brain to toe dedicating more of an even hot and all over penetrating warmth with no riling cold or hot places.

The king size blanket is divided in two separate regions and moves standard with two easy to read, easy to turning ,non-slip computerized controllers to adapt the temperature of each side of the  bed or couch giving individual comfort, convenience, and control. A giant backlit display with automatic dimming feature give more convenience for nighttime hour adjustments with out having to turn on the lightings. An automatic pre-heat and hold feature makes sure that your bed or couch is warm and cozy before you climb in for the nighttime.

You just turn it on and the Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket will warm-up on HI until it reaches the temperature that you pre define your dial on and then adapts itself to hold it there. For your safety, convenience and power conservation it has an automatic turn off feature that they are able to shut the blanket off after 10 hours just in case you forget about. It also goes standard with built in over-temperature protection for that extra bit of safety and peace of mind. Very easy care feature means that it's machine washable and dryable and will not stretching out, pill or shrink .This warming product has been designed to provide you a gentle relaxing hot. It won't seem warm to the touching of your hand, even on the highest ( HI) setting.

You need to really use it to knowledge the cozy warmth that it will generate. If the control lamp is lighted, it's working. We indicate" youre starting" at the HI setting for the first use and then adapt down to your personal comfort level. To receive the most pleasure from your warming product, don't forget to read your User Manual.

 Serta Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Blanket Details

  • 100 percent made from polyester
  • Imported
  • Warm and Safe and patented non-hazardous low voltage technology. So, this blanket is most safe than others on the market; saves energy; sleep better in a cooler room
  • The ultra-thin wires are not possible to feel; No annoying hot or cold spots; Built in over-temperature protection for safety and peace of mind
  • Temperature pre-heat and hold feature makes sure your bed or mattress is cozy and warm before you climb in for the night; Automatically shuts off after 10 hours
  • Very soft micro-fleece fabric is machine washable and dryable with no any pilling, stretching or shrinking or; King measures a generous 100-by-90"
  • Giant backlit display with auto dimming feature offers more convenience for night time adjustments with no having to turn on the lights

Where To Buy?

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